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Our Team

The Housing and Homelessness Collaborative of Claremont (Housing Claremont) is a donor-supported 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization comprised of volunteers advocating for the construction of more homes at all levels of affordability. This effort aims to help alleviate California’s housing shortage, displacement, and affordability crisis. Passionate housing advocates including Joe Lyons, Jed Leano, Jennifer Stark, and Zach Courser have spearheaded this initiative. Over the past five years, we have urged Claremont to contribute its fair share.

Together, we promote goodwill and garner support from neighbors and the public for the development of purpose-built, high-quality multifamily housing projects in Claremont. We are committed to welcoming new homes on suitable sites near jobs and transit, especially those designed to accommodate very low-income tenants.

Our mission continues. Sign up here to join us as a housing supporter, even if you have been receiving our messages. (No dues are required, though donations are gratefully accepted.)

Housing Claremont Board

Recent Housing Claremont Fellows

Many thanks to our recent fellows who have provided invaluable assistance and energy

in advancing Housing Claremont’s mission.

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