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Joe Lyons, former Claremont City Council Member and founding partner of Housing Claremont. Photo: Claremont Courier, 12/08/22.

Housing and Homeless Collaborative of Claremont

Joe Lyons spearheads organization to advocate for Claremont housing solutions

Joe Lyons, who passed away in December 2022 at the age of 77, dedicated his tireless advocacy to affordable housing and addressing the homeless crisis. During his tenure on the Claremont City Council from 2011 to 2018, he served as the council's representative on the Tri-City Mental Health Governing Board and the San Gabriel Valley Council of Governments' Homelessness Committee, and he chaired the San Gabriel Valley Consortium on Homelessness.


After his service on the City Council, he continued to lead efforts in this area. In September 2018, Joe initiated and organized the Housing and Homeless Collaborative of Claremont. Its goals were to advocate for the implementation of cities’ plans to end and prevent homelessness, to increase affordable and fair housing, and to support tenants’ rights. He envisioned collaborative partnerships among local and regional public and private service providers, aiming to pressure the city to improve land use policies and to increase housing for low and very low-income individuals.

Zach Courser | Founding President

Among the founding participants, Zach Courser signed the articles of incorporation and served as the founding President of the board for four years. The action agenda of the Collaborative became known as “Housing Claremont.” Following Zach, Ilsa Lund took over as President. In 2024, board member Gene Boutilier assumed the presidency. At that time, the focus on the regional action agenda was strengthened under the campaign name “Inland Abundant Housing,” and the organization formed a chapter relationship with Abundant Housing Los Angeles, while still maintaining its local Claremont responsibilities.

Housing Claremont Today

The future will be shaped by YOU when you join as a volunteer activist in this collaborative movement. Together, we will educate the community on housing and related issues, equip activists for mobilization, expand our internet media presence, and intensify our engagement in action.

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