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Updated: Feb 18

Bet Tzedek


Provides free, expert legal advice and representation to low-income residents of Los Angeles County. Emphasis on justice for Seniors and Workers. Through its Economic Justice program, Bet Tzedek provides workers direct representation in individual and class action cases, helps thousands of workers know their rights, assists trafficked laborers who were illegally denied earned wages, creates opportunities for entrepreneurship and small business development in marginalized and under-served communities, and aids low-income households facing tax controversies.


(Small Business COVID-19 Assistance ONLY): Business owners whose current household income is less than $8,500 per month AND who have less than $50,000 in liquid assets (cash, bonds, etc.). Unable to assist not-for-profit businesses If you are not sure if you qualify for free services, please submit your information anyway.


3250 Wilshire Blvd., 13th Floor, Los Angeles, CA 90010


Website: Bet Tzedek

Home Ownership Program (HOP)

Homeless Incentive Program (HIP)

Housing Is Key

Project-Based Voucher (PBV) Program


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