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Starting this year, 2024, Housing Claremont has made the following commitments:

  • We are a regional chapter of Abundant Housing, Los Angeles (AHLA). Our activity as a chapter will include the Pomona Valley, not just Claremont, and will at times use the nick-name "Inland Abundant Housing."

  • We are an organizational member of the National Coalition for Low Income Housing.

  • We are supporters and constituents of: 

    • Housing California;

    • California  YIMBY and California YIMBY Legal,

    • San Gabriel Consortium on Homelessness, and

    • California Poor People's Campaign, Southern California group

  • We look forward to closer collaboration locally with Claremont Tenants United (CTU), Inclusive Claremont, and like-minded groups in the region near Claremont. 

(This page was started 2/20/2024 and will soon have more information on our collaborations)

Abundant Housing LA Logo
National Low Income Housing Coalition Logo
Housing CA Logo
YIMBY Law Logo
SGV Consortium on Homelessness
CA Poor People's Campaign
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