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Update: 740 Foothill Project


Project review opinion by Gene Boutilier, President, Housing Claremont

In the face of NIMBY attacks by nearby city politicians and some neighbors, the development

proposal for a site in the unincorporated county area adjacent to San Dimas and La Verne was

voluntarily relinquished by the well-trusted nonprofit developer, National CORE, at the

beginning of February, 2024. The developer retained full authority to go ahead ‘by right’ but

chose to withdraw from that site. In the end this will NOT be a victory for opponents of this kind

of development. For too many decades opposition sabotaged urgently needed new homes.

National CORE has been assured political support for a similar project in the same

general geographic area. We advocates for abundant and fair housing will work to make sure

that the hostile city officials and the County, regional and state government funders keep that

promise, and the apartment homes will be built.

How often opponents of housing for less wealthy people say, “I support low-income

housing, but this is the wrong location.” And they say, “I was not told enough about this

project early enough in the process.” So now will the community leaders and local officials

have the courage and integrity to support a workable development “in the right location” with

a year or more of discussion?” The much-needed well-designed apartment building would have

had 43 apartment homes serving 42 households of seniors experiencing homelessness, and a

unit set aside for an on-site property manager.

I thank County supervisor Kathryn Barger for her announcement of continued support

to the process of relocation. Helen Chavez, a spokesperson for Barger, said a few months ago

that at least six alternate locations were presented in a closed meeting with the two cities but

that a new one had yet to be selected.

The need is so great, the crisis of homelessness and lack of housing for our population is

so severe, the public will to build essential housing is so strong statewide, that this kind of

setback will not prevail. The NIMBY legacy of local opposition to housing or services serving the

poor and near-poor, and the misinformation and fear-mongering must not and will not prevail.

Our movement is strengthened by many new state laws, and by the power of state-wide

majority public opinion. New laws, new opportunities! This project will overcome the hostility

and prevail at a better site.


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