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Project Update: 1321 E. Holt Ave., Pomona

Send a brief message of thanks and congratulations to the Development Department of the Cesar Chavez Foundation welcoming this much needed project to our region. Email:

With solid community support, the Cesar Chavez Foundation is building “Chris Hartmire Plaza” a 90-unit affordable housing project, comprised of 30 one-bedroom units, 30 two-bedroom units, and 30 three-bedroom units on a 2.3 acre vacant property. The future residents will be low-income families and homeless veterans earning between 30 and 60 percent of the area median income. Some of the units will be reserved for families and individuals at risk of homelessness or with disabilities.

The property is named after Rev. Chris Hartmire, who was for years a resident at Pilgrim Place in Claremont. Chris worked with civil rights and labor leader Cesar Chavez and other early organizers before there was a farm worker union. Hartmire selflessly dedicated himself for decades to building what became the United Farm Workers (UFW). Always humble and soft- spoken, Chris was an early “Freedom Rider” in the south who inspired countless women and men to activism and “servanthood” in civil rights, immigrant rights, overcoming homelessness, and opportunities for very low-income workers to have better lives.

Designed by Onyx Architects as highly sustainable and aiming for LEED certification, the five-story building will include a community center, laundry facilities and a pocket park with children’s amenities. The community will also feature on-site social service programs provided by Tri-Cities Mental Health Center and a major ground-floor health clinic which will be operated by East Valley Community Health Center providing medical, dental, and mental health services to the East Valley and Pomona Communities.

Financing for the $75.8 million project includes:

  • 28 project-based vouchers from the Housing Authority of Pomona

  • $58 million in construction financing from City

  • $13 million in subordinate construction financing provided through a partnership between CPC, UnitedHealth Group and CSH

  • $20.8 million from The California Department of Housing and Community

  • Development provided through their Affordable Housing and Sustainable Communities and No Place Like Home programs

  • $1.7 million from the City of Pomona in the form of a development impact fee note and permanent local housing allocation funds

  • $4.6 million in grant funds from California Housing Accelerator

  • $1 million into project provided by The San Gabriel Valley Regional Housing Trust

May there be many other much needed housing developments in our region.


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