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In-Depth Exploration: The Current Claremont City Housing Plan

Updated: Feb 2

Our city has committed to a Housing Element in its General Plan, approved by the state. Visit for a comprehensive overview of the development process.

On the first page, find two key links:

  1. “Adopted Housing Element Update – 6th Cycle”: This link opens a 345-page PDF, outlining the City Housing Plan for 2021 to 2029.

  2. “Adopted Opportunity Sites Mapbook”: This link provides a 32-page detailed listing and maps of non-vacant sites, including church-owned sites and a National CORE-owned site at Towne and Foothill, earmarked for veteran family housing.

Explore the Housing Element for a detailed look at the city’s commitments, programs, research, and data on housing, including over 80 designated ‘Opportunity Sites’ for potential development in Claremont.

We encourage Claremont’s residents, housing advocates, and other social justice supporters to download and review the information. Residents of other cities can check their local government website for their Housing Element.

A table outlining income levels and the anticipated percentage of housing allocations for each category.

The table outlines the city of Claremont's strategic housing objectives categorized by income level. It provides a comprehensive overview of the projected new construction, rehabilitation, and conservation efforts aimed at addressing housing needs across various income brackets.

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