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Housing Claremont Supports City Measure To Protect Renters

Updated: Feb 2

Zachary Courser, president of Housing Claremont, wrote to Claremont’s mayor in support of the city’s proposed measure to protect renters in danger of eviction. Assembly Bill (AB) 1482 has caused a temporary increase in the number of no-fault eviction notices in Los Angeles County. This is due to the fact that landlords have an opportunity to issue no-fault evictions before AB 1482’s more stringent protections come into effect on January 1, 2020.

“Los Angeles County cities such as Pomona, Los Angeles, Long Beach, and Pasadena have passed ordinances to protect renters caught within a no-fault evictions protection gap. Claremont is affected by the same affordability problems as these communities, and landlords have the same incentives to issue no-fault evictions here.” Zachary Courser, President, Housing Claremont

At a December 10th council meeting, council members considered a “Temporary Homelessness Prevention No-Fault Eviction Rental Relocation Assistance Program” to budget $100,000 from the city’s Successor Housing Fund to create a temporary fund for those impacted by evictions due to this evictions protection gap.


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