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CHAP Grant Award

Updated: Feb 2

Housing Claremont writes successful $13,000 grant to support employment education and training for participants of the Claremont Homeless Advocacy Program (CHAP).

The Claremont Homeless Advocacy Program (CHAP) is an all-volunteer organization dedicated to providing Claremont’s homeless neighbors with comprehensive services enabling them to make a new start in life. An essential part of their program is helping their participants to obtain sustainable employment.

Housing Claremont worked with CHAP to identify their critical needs. We found needed funding to expand their ability to support job training and certification for their participants. Housing Claremont wrote a successful $13,000 grant proposal to the Claremont Community Foundation for an employment training and education program. The grant will cover expenses such as career assessment and testing fees, certification courses for careers such as welding, security, truck driving, carpentry, and electronics. It also allows training for life skills training for financial literacy such as budgeting and banking.

Much of CHAP’s volunteers’ time and resources are devoted to helping their participants to prepare for the job market. The path from the street to housing is not an easy one, as CHAP’s participants have faced very difficult circumstances and lack the skills, resources, and support to attain jobs. Working together with advocates, CHAP participants have the opportunity to receive clothing and supplies necessary for employability, funding for transportation for job interviews, and access to education and training.

These employment related expenditures lead directly to CHAP’s participants being able to leave the program for their own sustainable housing. CHAP has been able to help 23 participants achieve sustainable living since its inception, and this new grant will help many more people in our community to do the same.


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