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Action Alert

Housing Claremont has become a chapter of Abundant Housing Los Angeles. Follow their guidance to urge the LA County Board of Supervisors to reconsider parking requirements that impact the development of affordable housing.


The County of Los Angeles is under an imperative to dramatically increase its housing production in order to meet its Regional Housing Needs Assessment targets. To do so it must build new housing at all income levels. Parking reform is a key tool for producing more and less expensive housing, and at the same time promotes LA County's climate goals.

Despite overwhelming public support for parking reform at a July 26 Regional Planning Commission hearing, planning staff introduced a new parking requirement for small apartment complexes. This change was without merit, and we encourage the Board of Supervisors to reintroduce the removal of parking requirements for developments 10 units or smaller. Of course, this would not mean the end of parking, but rather just an opportunity for developers to build the right-sized project to meet the needs of future residents.

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